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Live telephone answering

How you answer the phone 

says a great deal about your French Business


However big or small you are

 ...Wherever you are in the world

Our first aim is to help you, our customer, make more money by simplifying your communications and eliminating missed calls and lost business opportunities.


  • Good value service
  • Coverage available 62 hours a week, or 24/7 
  • Personalized service in french and german language
  • Holiday coverage
  • Coverage for unexpected absences or staff meetings
  • Appointment setting & calendars with Outlook synchronization
  • All messages are electronically dated/timed throughout 
  • Relaying of messages by fax, SMS text, e-mail, phone call or internet (18 hours per day)
  • Printed copies of messages are available on request
  • When the office is closed, your calls are forwarded to an automatic answering machine or to your telephone number.
  • 2 months' storage of your messages



What will you gain ?  

Interrupted work is less efficient and takes twice as long 

To  manage your time better and save money, work with ALTES

You will never have a second chance to give a good first  impression.

Improve your public image and make it positive with ALTES

ALTES will be your business partner 


Practical aspects

We give you your own exclusive landline number here at ALTES which you can  transfer your existing lines to, at your convenience

Your ALTES secretary answers following  your requirements, notes all your messages, takes yours appointments.

In case of emergency, ALTES will follow your instructions .

ALTES can either send you  your messages or you can consult them online.

You can also organize your calendar in real time via internet or synchronize with Outlook..

You can transfer your line back as required.

Working from 7.30 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday,  our team meets yours needs  with efficiency and discretion.


Our professional secretaries bring you serenity and  peace of mind.